South Lakeport Wastewater Service


The South Lakeport wastewater collection system serves customers in AD 9-1 and AD 9-3, from Lands End and portions of the Big Valley Rancheria, Soda Bay Road, and South Main Street. Raw wastewater is conveyed through a series of lift stations and the collection system. The wastewater is treated at the City of Lakeport's Wastewater Treatment Facility through a formal agreement between the two agencies.

Customer Statistics & Infrastructure

AD 9-1 and AD 9-3/ South Lakeport currently include:

  • AD 9-1: 142 service connections (153 Single Family Dwelling (SFD) equivalents) serving approximately 446 residents;
  • AD 9-3:54 service connections (80 SFDs), serving commercial establishments and approximately 24 residents;
  • 70 manholes (40 - AD 9-1, 30 - AD 9-3) and over 5 miles of pipe within the gravity collection system.
  • 5 lift stations (3 in AD 9-1, and 2 in AD 9-3) and over 2 miles of force main piping conveying wastewater flows to the connection point with the City of Lakeport's wastewater collection system.


The South Lakeport collection systems were originally constructed 25 years ago. The 12-month average increase in the AD 9-1 and AD 9-3 customer base averages is less than 1%.


The District continues to implement Infiltration and Inflow (I/I) mitigation and will be investigating any sources of excess flow within these portions of the collection system. Costs for treatment are paid to the City of Lakeport through metered flow measurements. Costs for treatment continue to rise and the elimination of excess I/I is a priority. A rate increase was implemented recently to help pay for increased operation and maintenance costs.

Treatment Plant: City of Lakeport

  • Collection area: S Lakeport (AD 9-3)
    Connections: 54
    Population: 24
  • Collection area: Lands End /Finley (AD 9-1)
    Connections: 142
    Population: 455

Sanitary Sewer Maintenance Plan (PDF)