All service fees will be paid prior to the service performed. Lake County Sheriff will accept a signed stamped court fee waiver where applicable. Each service performed and each individual served, generates a separate service fee. Service fees are set pursuant to California Government codes. Some services may have additional fees associated with them. The Civil Division will require a deposit of these estimated fees prior to service. All checks/money orders should be made out to Lake County Sheriff's Office (L.C.S.O.). Cash must be exact; the Sheriff's office does not make change. We do not accept bank or credit cards.

Fee Schedule for Services

  • Small Claims, Requests for Order, Notices, Miscellaneous Papers, Summons and Complaint, Summons and Petition: $50
  • Summons and Complaint Unlawful Detainer: $50
  • Bank Levy: $50
  • Wage Garnishment: $45
  • Eviction: $180
  • 8-Hour Keeper-Levy on Business: starts at $300
  • Till Tap: $125