Civil Division

Mission Statement

The mission of the Lake County Civil Division is to serve all process in an efficient and timely manner, while providing a fair and impartial position between all involved parties.

Status Requests

The Civil Division strongly encourages you to wait for your service to process. We do not answer service questions on the phone. A proof of service will be mailed to you after service is complete. For services generated by our Lake County courts, an additional proof of service will be sent directly to the court. For evictions, the Civil Division will call you or your agent, with the date and time when that date and time is scheduled. 

Legal Advice

The Civil Division can only answer civil process procedural questions. We cannot give legal advice. If you have legal questions, please contact legal aid or an attorney.

Family Law Facilitator & Self Help Center

Located in the Clearlake Branch of the Lake County Superior Court:
7000-A South Center Drive
Clearlake, CA 95422
Phone: 707-994-4612
Family Law Facilitator and Self Help Center Website

These are free services. Please call for their hours.