Employment Benefits

Employee BenefitsLake County provides its employees with an excellent and comprehensive benefit program. Listed below is a summary of the County of Lake benefits for full time employees.


80 hours per year during the first five years of service, 120 hours per year after five years, and additional accruals based on years of service beyond fifteen years. Pro-rated for part-time employees. Management employees accrue vacation at a different rate. New employees who worked for another county or city immediately prior to employment with the County of Lake may be eligible to add those years of service for vacation accrual purposes.


Most employees receive thirteen paid 8-hour holidays per year that varies by the unit; pro-rated for part-time employees.

Sick Leave

Accrues at a rate of 96 hours per year. Pro-rated for part-time employees. Some unused sick leave may be cashed out annually per provisions that vary for each unit. Unused sick leave may be converted to California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) service credit at retirement.

Health and Insurance Benefits

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Medical, dental, hospital, and vision coverage is available to employees and their dependents. The County contributes up to $1000 of the monthly premiums for the insurance plan options for all employees other than the Lake County Deputy Sheriff's Association. For the Lake County Deputy Sheriff's Association, the County contributes 80% of the premium for health, dental, and vision benefits.

The County fully pays for a life insurance benefit and an Employee Assistance Program for employees.


County employees are members of the State-wide Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) which provides generous retirement benefits. CalPERS provides a defined benefit pension at retirement for County employees.  The pension formulas and employee contribution amounts may vary by bargaining unit, date of hire, prior qualifying service, and classification. Please contact Human Resources for more information.


Lake County has an adopted salary schedule. The salary range for most classifications is in five annual increments followed by an additional seven five-year increments. New appointments are normally made at the first step of the salary range unless the applicant has prior experience in the same or equivalent position.

Click here for the current MOUs with attached salary charts.

County Paid Supplemental Benefits

  • County paid enrollment in AirMedCare Network (REACH & CalStar) Emergent Membership. 
  • Life Insurance
  • AD&D Insurance

Social Security

County employees participate in Social Security.

California State Disability Insurance

SDI is available to some County employees.

Employee Paid Supplemental Options

Management Employees

Management Employees accrue vacation at a different rate and also receive 60 hours per fiscal year of Administrative Leave that may be taken or cashed out.