Commerical Collection

Commercial Collection

Business, Mobile Home Parks, and Apartment Complexes...

in the unincorporated area are entitled to a recycling container equal to the size of you refuse container. Removing recyclables from your waste stream will reduce the size of your refuse container and, consequently, also reduce your garbage bill. Call your hauler for more information.

Want to save money? Schedule a Recycling & Waste Assessment

The size of your garbage cart determines the cost of your service. Businesses in the unincorporated areas are entitled to a recycling container the same size as the refuse container at no additional cost. Lake County Waste Solutions will perform an assessment to determine if more of what you are placing in your garbage can actually be recycled - which can lead to a smaller garbage cart and reduced fees. Call (888) 718-4888 or (707) 234-6400 to schedule an assessment today.

Dumpster Ordinance

Commercial, industrial, and multi-family properties need to enclose trash dumpsters with a fence, wall, landscaping, or other screen that prevents litter from being scattered outside the enclosure and hides trash containers from public view. Your refuse hauler can help you find a cost-effective and attractive solution. For more information about these regulations, please call the Community Development Department at 263-2309.