Waste Management

Treated Wood Waste

As of January 1, 2021, treated wood waste – to include pressure-treated wood – is considered a hazardous waste in California. Effective March 20, 2021, the Eastlake Landfill CAN accept treated wood waste for disposal. The Landfill will accept treated wood waste on Wednesdays and Saturdays; however there are certain handling and transportation restrictions that may require haulers of treated wood waste to possess a variance from the state Department of Toxics and Substance Control (DTSC). For information please see the link below or contact Lake County Environmental Health at (707) 263-1164.

Recycling saves you money!

Curbside garbage and recycling collection is available throughout Lake County. Rates for this service are determined by the size of the garbage can you have - recycling and green waste carts are provided at no charge - so the amount of garbage you generate determines how much you pay. Even if you self-haul to a disposal site, you pay for the size of your load. If your load contains recyclables that are not sorted out, a surcharge will apply which will cost you more.

It's free to recycle, so why pay more for your garbage than you need to?  On average, 75% to 90% of the waste stream can be recycled. 

When you take recyclable materials (beverage containers, cans, metals, etc.) to a buy-back center, you can receive money back. If you self-haul, you can also take recyclables to a drop-off center at no charge. If you subscribe to curbside collection service, you will get a free blue recycling bin and green waste cart with your curbside garbage collection, allowing you to have smaller garbage cart (and pay less for the service!)

Most food and green waste also can be composted at home or taken to a compost facility, keeping another renewable resource out of the landfill. Thank you for recycling and composting!