Water Conservation Ordinance

  • Low-flush toilets, (1.6 gallons)
  • Low flow shower heads, (2.5 gallons per minute)

On July 11, 1995, Ordinance Number 2291 was adopted by the Board of Directors of Lake County Sanitation District. This ordinance was enacted for the purpose of reducing the use of potable water and consequently, the volume of sewage to be treated and disposed of at the Southeast Treatment plant, (effective August 10, 1995), and the Northwest Treatment plant, (effective December 31, 1996). On November 2, 2004, the Board passed Ordinance Number 2705 adding the areas of Middletown, Land’s End, Holiday Cove, Corinthian Bay, and South Lakeport. On January 4, 2005, the Board passed Ordinance Number 2721 adding the area served by the Kelseyville County Waterworks District Number 3. All property owners served by sewer systems maintained by the District are now subject to this Water Conservation Ordinance.

By enacting this ordinance, the District became eligible to receive low-interest loan funding used to make vital improvements to the sewer systems. Once the improvements were constructed, the treatment plants were relieved of the connection restrictions imposed by the Regional Board in Cease and Desist Orders.

As of February 1994, all toilet fixtures sold in California were required to be of the “low flow” variety. Typically, homes built after this date will already comply with the District’s ordinance. These low flush/low flow standards are also required in the State Energy Code and Water Code for all new construction.

The retrofit ordinance requires that all toilet fixtures and shower heads be replaced prior to the close of escrow. The seller or seller’s agent is requested to provide the manufacturer’s name and model number of the low-flush, low-flow fixtures on the attached form and obtain sign-off from the District. The most effective way to comply with this ordinance is to provide the receipt from the purchase of the new fixtures as an attachment. In addition to sales, retrofits involving increases of 25% or more floor space are also applicable.

Property Owners and Realtors are encouraged to contact Special Districts with the subject parcel number in order to determine if the parcel is within the affected areas and if the parcel is already in compliance with a previous sale. The District also maintains a listing of water-conserving products and fixtures. This website also contains other information and practices regarding water conservation. Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the District at 707-263-0119.

You may download various components of the Water Conservation Ordinance in PDF format by clicking on the title: